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Ultimate comfort

Comfortability is an intelligent and user-friendly solution that brings together all the smart devices in and around your home, with professional service providers and a centrally operated system.

A comfortable life!

Smart, smarter, smartest…

Your smart living environment is becoming even smarter. New smart devices for your home are coming onto the market every day. Comfortability is a simple and comprehensive system that allows you to connect them all together, for maximum personal comfort.

Your smartphone is the universal remote control for your smart living environment, even when you’re not at home. Simple, smart and safe for everyone. Experience it for yourself!

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Easy! Simplify your daily routine with automatic settings for lighting, curtains, music etc. How great is that when dimmed lighting comes on when you go to the toilet at night.


So much choice! Replace all your apps and remote controls with Comfortability. Choose from Philips Hue, Fibaro, Develco, Nest, Panasonic, Aeotec, Ring, Sonos, Ikea or any other Zigbee or Zwave device.


Comfort! Always up to date with notifications for low battery status, defective internet connections, faulty appliances etc.


Ideal! Has the cupboard door to all those dangerous cleaning fluids just been opened? Then you’re immediately informed.

A safe & comfortable life!

Secure and always informed ….

Are you on the lookout for a smart living environment that’s more than just about security? Or are you searching for that mix of safety and comfort? It’s now possible to set up a home alarm system all by yourself. Whether it’s for the whole house or just part of it, an outbuilding or the garage. Or do you want to know in advance when the batteries of the smoke detector are running low? Everything’s possible with Comfortability.

Your smart living environment is completely under your control, giving you peace of mind even when you’re not at home!


Safe and secure on all fronts! Burglary, fire, water, carbon monoxide. Strengthen your home  alarm system using lighting and sound.


Always up to date with notifications, whether it’s a fire in the home, a leaking washing machine, the unexpected opening of the drawer to the jewelry, or just knowing that the kids have arrived safely home from school. The possibilities are endless!


Peace of mind! The front door opens when you’re sleeping upstairs? You’re immediately informed.

On demand services

Customer friendly! Are you, your partner, parent or neighbour not available to react to a notification? No problem! Professional help is always within easy reach.

A carefree & comfortable life!

Independent, but not alone…

Comfortability works using notifications, making it possible for family, neighbours and professional service providers to work together to offer that extra help when needed. Think, for example, about your parents or grandparents who’re living independently, but can do with an extra bit of help every now and then. Or that carefree (easy going/happy-go-lucky) life with the small children. The subscription ‘a carefree and comfortable life’:

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Handy! Always up to date with notifications when someone’s walking in or outside the house at unusual hours.


Help! In the case of emergency, your mother or child can easily ask for help from one of the contact people or a professional service provider.


Found! You can put your mind at ease knowing that your mother or child can be brought home safely using GPS.

Social awareness

How great! Using the ‘meetings’ function it’s easy for family, friends, and professional service providers to arrange the schedule for the person you feel needs that extra bit of attention.

Monitoring activities

Ideal! For the daily support of, for example, your mother, you can monitor her activities, noticing any small changes in behavioural patterns, and take the necessary steps.

Professional help on demand

Customer friendly! Are you or your partner, brothers, sisters or neighbours not available to react to a notification? No problem! There’s always professional help within easy reach.

A digitally aware and comfortable life!

Privacy above all else …..

Enjoy a secure online environment. With this subscription you can safeguard your digital world against online dangers such as computer attacks, phishing, malware and viruses.  The subscription options:


Ideal! Your online world is guarded 24/7.


Handy! Always up to date when someone misuses your online information.


Suspicious online activity needs to be dealt with quickly to limit any greater damage. That’s why we offer direct professional follow-up assistance.

An entertaining & comfortable life!

It’s the beat of the music ….

With Comfortability and the subscription ‘an entertaining and comfortable life’ you have endless possibilities to create the right atmosphere using the music of your choice. The subscription options in combination with Sonos:

Easy! Simplify your daily routine using automatic settings for your music. Wake up to the soothing sound of your favourite music playing in the background.

Atmospheric! Create the right atmosphere automatically, or with just the touch of a button. Combine the mood lighting in your living room with a romantic playlist and the curtains drawn, for that perfect cozy evening.

An energy conscious and comfortable life!

Smart and sustainable …

Comfortability offers you a variety of ways to save on energy consumption. The subscription options:


Easy! Regulate your appliances, thermostat, lighting etc. so they turn off when, for example, the sensors detect no more movement in the house. Or allow the thermostat to switch off automatically when you go to sleep, or when the temperature inside rises above 20 degrees.


Handy! Stay informed when you’ve left home and forgotten to turn off the lights, the thermostat or other appliances.


Ideal! Be aware of your energy consumption by monitoring all your smart devices on the dashboard.


Practical! Decide who can change your settings and preferences so you can remain in control of your energy consumption.

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Discover the

“My Comfort” app


With the ‘My Comfort’ app, you can use smart applications to make the house work together for a safe, carefree and comfortable life.


Switch multiple devices with the touch of a button. Create different scenes for different moments of the day.


Switch Smart devices with Triggers based on pre-set conditions.


Peril? Device failure? Or does somebody need your help? The app signals and sends notifications to you and / or 5 other contacts.


The dashboard gives you insight into power consumption, lumen, temperature, activities, appointments, notes and log.


You can set when people are notified, in which order this happens and what role all people have in the solution.


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Unboxing Comfortability

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