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We respect the privacy of all Comfortability users. (Your privacy and trust is important to us).

The privacy statement for Comfortability products and services describes which information Comfortability, and its affiliated companies, collect, use, share and save, including personal information.

This statement contains information on the use of Comfortability products and services, including the Comfortability hub, the Comfortability Cloud and the ‘My Comfort’ app.

By using Comfortability products and services you agree to the collecting and handling of information as described in this privacy statement.

Our promise

  • All personal information provided by you will be treated confidentially. We are transparent in the way information is collected and how it is subsequently used.
  • We always ask permission to share your personal information with a third party when other than at your request, or for purposes unrelated to the provision of Comfortability products and services. We only do this when we believe these parties can offer a useful additional service.
  • We use the most up to date data protection tools to ensure the safety of your information and to protect your information from unauthorized access.

We collect and handle information as follows:

Comfortability solutions

  • During installation of your Comfortability product you can register your personal information such as contact and address details in the ‘My Comfort’ app.
  • Your information is used to alert contacts and to ensure any subsequent follow-up by a professional service provider runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. This information will only be used for other purposes with your permission.
  • All Comfortability components collect information and communicate with each other. They also share status information. Data is not just exchanged locally, but also with the Comfortability Cloud, the ‘My Comfort’ app and the Comfortability Cloud services.
  • The ‘My Comfort’ app contains a contact list which allows others access to your Comfortability product. You can determine how much access these contacts have when you compile this list.

Comfortability services

  • We will not sell your personal information to a third party and will only make this information available to third parties that are responsible for carrying out the required services, for which you have given consent.
  • Comfortability data which, with your permission, is shared with a third party falls under the privacy policy of the aforementioned third party when this party is in possession of the said information.
  • All data received by Comfortability from a third party falls under this privacy statement.
  • When you make use of Cloud services, you allow Comfortability employees and professional service providers access to the personal domain when this is required for professional service provision, installation and service related activities.
  • You can withdraw consent for the exchange of information with third parties at any time.

Comfortability website

  • Comfortability uses cookies to recognise you during any subsequent visit. Cookies are small pieces of data stored in your computer by your web browser. Cookies enable us to gather information about the use of our services and to improve and adapt them according to the wishes of our customers. Our cookies provide data concerning personal identification. You can set your browser so as not to receive cookies.
  • If you make an order via our webshop, your name, e-mail address, delivery address and payment details are required in order to complete the order and to keep you informed of its progress.
  • With your permission, and to make shopping with Comfortability as pleasant as possible, we will store your personal information as well as the information connected to your order and to the use of our services. This gives us the ability to further personalise our website and recommend products that may be of interest to you.
  • When you create an account with Comfortability your information is stored using a secure server. Your Comfortability account contains stored information such as your name and address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment status and delivery information.
  • You can correct and remove information yourself using your own user name and password.
  • If you respond to one of our special offers, we will ask for your name, address and e-mail address. We use this information in order to carry out the campaign, to announce the winner(s) and to measure the response to these marketing campaigns.
  • No link exists between the Comfortability website and the Comfortability product. The data is on separate systems.

Comfortability newsletter

Our newsletter uses your personal information to inform you about Comfortability developments, special offers and campaigns. All our newsletters contain a hyperlink that allows you to easily unsubscribe.

If you have any questions concerning Comfortability’s privacy statement you can send an e-mail to The privacy statement on the website is always kept up to date.